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legal names of person
for civil- claimant, and criminal it is prosecutor
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civil courts
county or high courts or tribunals
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criminal courts
magistrates or crown court
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decision in civil court and in criminal
judge and the magisrates & judge and jury at crown court
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what do magistrates courts do
with criminal offences with adult defendenats. and youth courts
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juridisction of magistrates courts
try all summary cases, any triable either way offenses decided, deal with first hearing of all indictable offences. cases sent to crown court, motoring offences,cases in younth court
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summary offence
tried by only crown court - driving , assault, damage
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triable either way offences
middle range crime. theft, assualt with bodily harm. tried in either court
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indictable offences
serious crimes e.g. muder, manslaughter and ****. first hearing at magistrates then transferred to the crown court
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crime levels
one is lowest and 5 is highest. summary is lowest level. max fine for each level . ( by criminal justice act 1991)
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fines for eah level
1: 200£ 2:500£ 3:1000£ 4:2,500 to 5000£..... up to 20000£ for beach in envt law and health and safety
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max prisonn sentence for sumamry and triable offence
summary- 6 months, and 2 or more triable- 12 months
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before trial for triable 2 issues
pleads guility: not plead guilty:
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2 routes of mag courts appeal
depend on appeal is in law point or other. appeal routes are the crown courts and queen's bench divisional courts (21 days applicatio
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crown court apeal
normal route, only to degence, if guilt at mag court, then appeal against sentence, not guility plead but convicted, then appeal against convinction/ sentence
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crown court appeal 2
def. plead not guilty bu conv then appeal against conviction and or sentence. both cases, defen. can right to appeal.
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civil courts


county or high courts or tribunals

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criminal courts


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decision in civil court and in criminal


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what do magistrates courts do


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