More on specific immune respones inc self tolerance

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What crosses placenta?
IgG and IgA
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What crosses bloodstream?
IgM and IgE
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secondary lymphoid organs, mucosae (IgA) and bone marrow
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Ab defects...
Human primary immunodeficiencies suc as X-lined agammaglobulinaemia
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Antibody dependence cell emdiated cytotoxicity?
IgG binds target cells, FcR activated and target cell killed
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Effector cells?
NK eosinophils and Mos
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Antibody coated cells
recognised and kiled by NK cells
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Eosinophils se ADCC
to attakc paraistes via degranulation
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IgE corss linking?
promotes mast cell degranulation- IgE boudn to mast cells and basophils. Activated mast cells have antigen cross-linking with bound IgE to cause release of granules. In GI, increased fluid secreiton increases peristalsis, diarrhoea adn vomiting, in e
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eyes and nose...
increased mucus congesion and coughing due to narrow passages
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in blood vessels
increased blood flow, increased permeability, more fluid and hypertension
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Mucosal immunity
yes fam
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Effector mechanisms?
Activated/memory T cells dominate, natural and reg T cells and secretory IgA antibodies
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What are M cells?
specialised epithelial cells covering peyer's patches, gate across epithelium endocytosiss of antigen and then phagocytsis
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What's GALT
gut associated lymphoid tissue. lymphocytes in lamina propria of villi- mast cells producing IgA are found here and intraepitheilal lymphocytes which show cytotoxic actiivty to damage/stress epithelial clels
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lymphocytes in lamnia propria of villi (what's foudn ehre)
mast cells producing IgA
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and intraepitheilal lympocytes show
cytotixic activity to damage/stress epithelila cells
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Lymphatic vesslesl which go to the mesenteric lymph nodes
follicles of B and TCZ between
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peyer's patches overly what?
lymph nodes above sybepithealial dome
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Isoalted lymphoid follicles which are distirbuted
long the luminal interface
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lumen outer mucus inner mucus cell layer
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mucus contains what
IgA (inner mcuus) and AMPs
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What are paneth cells
bottom of crypts and produce AMPs, lysozymes, and other ****
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humoral immunity in GALT?
secreted IgA (IgM to IgA switching via TGF-B), transcytosis of secretory IgA from secreting cells in lamina propria to mucus layer. IgA binds receptors on epithelial cell- endocytosis to apical face of cell= release of IgA at apical surface with secr
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secreotyr component
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Secretory IgA does what?
neutralise (in endosome and out), export toxins and pathogens from lamina propria while beingn screted, passed in breast milk
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Intestinal helminth infections...
whipworm embeds in surface peitehlium, stimulated muscus production. Th2- M2- IL4 and IL13
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What crosses bloodstream?


IgM and IgE

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Ab defects...


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Antibody dependence cell emdiated cytotoxicity?


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