Morality - Elderley and Death

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What is euthanasia?
Assisted suicide
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What is active euthanasia?
someone takes an action to end a patients life(injection)
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What is passive euthanasia?
treatment is withdrawn to allow nature to take its course
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What is voluntary euthanasia?
Person makes their own desicion
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What is involuntary euthanasia?
Doctors and family make desicion as patient is unable to
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Ideas for euthanasia?
cant force someone to live, poor quality of life, free will, 'love your neighbour'
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Ideas against euthanasia?
life is god given, quality of life can improve, sancitity of life, bit of god in all of us that we cant destroy(gods temple), god know the purpose of our suffering
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What is home as a care option for the elderley?
social worker/carer/family visit on regular basis or rely on phone and neighbours
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What is with family as a care option for the elderley?
Islam do this as they believe the eldest member has the most wisdom
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What is community as a care option for the elderley?
sheltered housing within a small village(social) adapted for ease with a warden and good security
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What is a hospice?
special place where people go to die with dignity
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What is palliative care?
sufficient pain relief to maintain comfort and consciousness
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What are the problems faced by the elderley?
Reply on benefits/pension, expected to retire, illness, less mobile, feel worthless, lonely, attitudes of others, feel like a buden
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What is ageism?
judging someone of their age
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What do buddists believe?
eldest memeber has wisdom and the eldest child is responsible which will gain them good karma
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What do christians believe?
you should respect the elderly who are vulnerable and you should see what is best for them, there are church facilities
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What do hindus believe?
its their daily duty and they should repsect the elderley, it is the eldest sons responsibility who will gain good karma
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What do islam believe?
Its an expectation to look after the elderly and putting them into a home is unkind and disrespectful
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What do sikhs believe?
Its their dudty, sewa, gurdwara
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What do jews believe?
5th commandment and should live with family
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What is active euthanasia?


someone takes an action to end a patients life(injection)

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What is passive euthanasia?


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What is voluntary euthanasia?


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What is involuntary euthanasia?


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