Module 4 Vocabulary

in a tourist town
dans une ville touristque
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near the seaside
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pays de galles
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des collines/fore(hat thing)ts
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you can
on peut
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my family and I live
ma famille et moi habitons
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the weather is good/bad
il faut beau/mauvais
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it's sunny
il y a du soleil
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a storm
un orage
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it is raining/snowing/icy
il pleut/neige/ge(accent)le(accent)
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the climate is
le climate est
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it's not too...
il ne fait pas trop...
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in spring, in summer, autumn, winter
au printemps/en ete/automne/hiver
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i can go to school by train
Je peut aller au college en train.
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the public transport is good
Les transports en commun sont bons
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a leisure center
un centre de loisirs
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a library
une bibliotheque
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a church
une eglise
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a train station
une gare
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post office
une poste
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lots of shops
beaucoup de magasins
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there isn't any...
il n'y a pas de
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i have lived there since
j'y habite depuis
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the landscape is magnificent
la paysage est magnifique
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i definitely
je veux absolument
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i feel like
j'ai envie de
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i'm interested in..
ca m'interesse de voir
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i would like to go to
je voudrais aller au
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i'm keen on
je tiens a
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i don't mind
ca m'est egal
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i don't fancy that
ca ne me dit rein
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what i like is that
ce qui me plait ici, c'est il y a
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the problem is that
la probleme c'est que
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there are not enough green spaces
il n'y a pas assez de espaces verts
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near the seaside

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pays de galles


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des collines/fore(hat thing)ts


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on peut


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