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2. Why are Hybrid's infertile?

  • They contain an odd number of chromosomes.
  • The foetus fails to develop after fertiliisation.
  • They are sexually incompatible.
  • The sperm cannot reach the egg.

3. How does genetic variation arise within a species?

  • Independent assortment and crossing over of DNA during meiosis, Mutations, Alleles .
  • Mitosis, Mutations and independent assortment.

4. What is a homologous structure?

  • When organisms share similar characterisitcs due to them have a common ancestor.
  • When different species have similar structures due to them being adapted to similar environments.
  • An organ or a bone that appers in different organism that demonstrate that they share a common ancestor.
  • Feautures that evolve in different organisms that have the same function.

5. What is phylogeny?

  • The study of the evolutionary relationships between organisms.
  • The study of fossil fuels of plants and animals.
  • The study of how organisms derived from a common ancestor.


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