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2. How was obedience measured?

  • By how many times the teacher hesitated to shock the learner
  • By how many times the researcher had to encourage the teacher to continue
  • By how far up the generator the teacher went
  • By how many times the teacher refused to obey

3. What did Milgram conclude?

  • We are socialised to recognise authority and to react with obedience
  • We are socialised to be neutral
  • We are socialised to disobey
  • We are socialised to disrespect authority figures

4. Which of the following is correct?

  • Many participants were psychologically damaged after the study
  • Many participants dropped out of the study
  • Many participants showed signs of stress during the study, such as sweating and trembling
  • Many participants physically harmed the researcher

5. What were the results?

  • Every participant continued to at least 300v. 26 (65%) went all the way to 450v
  • Every participant shocked all the way to 450v
  • No participants went past 350v
  • Only 2 participants went all the way to 450v


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