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2. What are the Negative impacts on Migration for the Uk

  • Drain on resources such as NHS and Education
  • Polish workers will do low paid jobs
  • There's no negative impacts
  • There's too many workers

3. What's a Positive Impact of migration for the UK

  • There's more people to make friends with
  • Migrants take low paid Jobs, help to cope with ageing population and are hard working
  • They are nice people and so boost the economy

4. What % of Polosh Migrants to the UK were aged 18-35?

  • 48%
  • 90%
  • 80%
  • 85%

5. What're the negative impacts of migration for Poland

  • It helps their economy
  • Ageing population and Loss of young skilled workers
  • Less pressure on resources
  • Youthful population and High dependency ratio


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