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Explain Steve Neales' 'Repertoire Of Elements'
Generic conventions categorise films in genres
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What is Propps 'Character type' theory
Most characters in film play a certain role e.g. 'hero'
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What is the 'Binary opposite' theory
narrative structures only work if there are elements against each other e.g. good vs evil
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What is 'Cultural Intertextuality'
A media text referring to another media text e.g. Easter egg
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What is Richard Dyers 'Star' theory
Celebrity images are manufactured by institutions and are essentially sold to the public to make money out of the audience
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What are the 5 stages of Maslows Hierachy of needs
Psychological, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self actualisation
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What is the 'Two step flow' theory
The concept that messages in the mass media are passed through friends and bloggers etc.
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Name the 4 reasons of the 'Uses and Gratifications' theory
Information, entertainment, personal identity and social identity
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Name the 3 types of reading for Stuart Halls 'Reception' theory
Dominant, negotiated and op-positional
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What is Anchorage
fixing the meaning of an image through words e.g. picture with a caption)
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What is Richard Dyers stereotype theory
Stereotypes are composed through reducing a group to few characteristics and exaggerating them in the media. More so dominant groups stereotype the less dominant groups.
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What is Hegemony
The expected norms and values presented in the media e.g. skinny models
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What was Medhurts concept of stereotypes
Stereotypes can be seen as a type of media shorthand that provides an easy point of contrast when the text needs to communicate quickly with the audience
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What is the 'Cultivation' theory
The more media texts that are viewed by the public, creates a fearful attitude of what is seen e.g. coverage of rioting in London focused on the black community thus making viewers fearful of black people.
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What is the 'Male gaze' theory
The concept that audiences, in some media texts, are positioned to view the text from the eyes of a heterosexual male. e.g. Blurred lines music video.
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What did Alvarado say about ethnicity representation
He identified ethnic minority representations to be exotic, dangerous, humorous and pitied
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What is tokenism
The idea that ethnic minority characters are placed in texts so that the creators appear to be diverse.
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What was Stuart Halls 'White eye' theory
the concept that the dominant group is white and the media present being white as so ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ that it is barely noticeable when white people are represented in the media.
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What is ethnocentricity
the belief that your own cultural or ethnic group is superior to that of another e.g. Trump- "lets make America great again"
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What was Naomi Wolfs 'Beauty myth'
claims that as women have gained increased social power and prominence, expected adherence, to standards of physical beauty has grown stronger for women also the idea of an iron maiden, as unattainable standard that is then used to punish women physi
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What is Propps 'Character type' theory


Most characters in film play a certain role e.g. 'hero'

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What is the 'Binary opposite' theory


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What is 'Cultural Intertextuality'


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What is Richard Dyers 'Star' theory


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