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2. bacteria repilcate via

  • binary fission
  • meiosis
  • mitosis
  • invading host cell

3. transformation is the transfer of DNA via

  • uptake by recipient cell of naked DNA that is released into the environment
  • bacteriophage
  • a pili

4. if a virus has positive sense dna or rna

  • it can take over ribosomal activity immediately as it already has an mRNA template
  • it has a template from which mRNA need to be transcribed
  • It's genetic material can access host DNA and will replicate along with future hosts

5. Bacterial cells grow according to which order

  • lagging, growth, stationary, death
  • lagging, exponential, stationary, death
  • stationary, exponential, lagging, death
  • stationary, growth, lagging, death


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