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1. An opportunistic species is one which

  • colonises only when the immune system is compromised
  • colonises only when another species dies out
  • colonises in conjunction with another species
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2. if a virus has positive sense dna or rna

  • It's genetic material can access host DNA and will replicate along with future hosts
  • it can take over ribosomal activity immediately as it already has an mRNA template
  • it has a template from which mRNA need to be transcribed

3. a visilous/bacilli shaped bacteria is

  • spiral
  • rod
  • circular

4. virulence factors are those which

  • help the bacteria
  • help the immune system
  • contribute to symptoms

5. what is a fomite

  • a harmful type of bacteria
  • a helpful type of bacteria
  • a non-living carrier of bacteria
  • a living carrier of bacteria


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