MCQ - Set 3

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1. Attitudes that are developed toward persons, places and things on the basis of their association with the positive or negative experiences that we have of them reflects the role of _____ in the development of social interactions

  • The primacy effect
  • Classical conditioning
  • Mere exposure
  • Impression formation
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2. The way in which we attribute specific characteristics and traits to people is called

  • A schema
  • Impression formation
  • Social perception
  • Social cognition

3. Personality attributes that seem to be the most representative of a person are called

  • Schemata
  • Primary impression
  • Central traits
  • Stereotypes

4. As we encounter more instances of a category, our schema is likely to become ______ and ______

  • More exemplar-based; more prototype based
  • More exemplar-based; less prototype-based
  • Less exemplar-based; more prototype-based
  • Less exemplar-based; less-prototype-based

5. Benny dislikes the police. He thinks they are all stupid. He often throws rocks at them. disliking them reflects the ___ component of attitudes, thinking they are stupid reflects the ___ component,throwing rocks at them reflects the ___ component

  • Affective; cognitive; behavioural
  • Behavioural; affective; cognitive
  • Cognitive; affective behavioural
  • Cognitive; behavioural; affective


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