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2. Why was McCarthy supported by the Catholic Church?

  • Communism will destroy the foundations of the church
  • Communsim is godless.
  • Communism is the devil's work

3. What did the Tydings comittee call him?

  • "Incredibly clever and brave man"
  • "Fraud and a hoax"
  • "Liar and a cheat"
  • "A man that every American should be"

4. What did Marx and Engles say about religion?

  • Religion is the opinion of the masses
  • Relgion is the blood on every scythe
  • Religion is the creation of madmen

5. In 1954, how does McCarthy end his career?

  • He claims there are communists in the army
  • He claims the president is communist
  • He changes his mind and supports communism


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