Cold War Comparisons

Some Part B revision - compares events under Truman & Stalin, USA & USSR and Ideology & Power Rivalry to help get an overall arguement.

Go into the exam knowing your argument, that way you dont have to think about it when you're in the exam, saving you time and making your answer more sustained!

Good Luck!

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Cold War Comparisons
Truman Stalin
Hated communism ­ `Iron Fist Approach' Comintern, Comecon and Cominform
Truman Doctrine, 1947 (even Marshall Aid, Berlin Blockade
established at the same time, had certain
requirements which made Russia unable to
NATO, 1949 Poland Issue ­ integrated polish territory into
Russia and expelled Germans and established a
communist government in Poland.
Korean War ­ Went from the policy of Czechoslovakian Crisis, 1948
containment to Roll Back
Creation of FRG
Nuclear Monopoly
Confrontation under Truman; Containment and Invaded three times by west
Roll Back
McCarthyism/Red Scare Comecon, Cominform, Comintern
Economic Situation ­ Consumerist culture and Hungary Uprising ­ invaded communist country.
wanted free trade in Europe.
Interpreted USSR's actions as expansionism Warsaw Pact, 1955
NATO Berlin Blockade & Berlin Wall
Bay of Pigs Cuban Missile Crisis
Aided the Whites (Nationalists) in the Communist Refused to honour debts to west
revolution in 1917 to overthrow the Reds
Nazi-Soviet Pact, 1939
KEY: West/USA East/USSR Both
Ideology Power Rivalry
Cominform, Comecon, Comintern Empire by Invitation
Domino Theory Poland issue
Free Trade in Europe Germany, Berlin & Austria split into 4 zones of
Dollar Imperialism Bizonia
McCarthyism Arms Race
Yugoslavia & Hungary
Berlin Blockade & Berlin Wall
All events are not here ­ this is just a brief outline.


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