Mathmatics A1/A2

Histograms; Cumulative frequency; Inequalities; Mean/Mode/Median/Range; Bounds (Upper/lower); Area/Perimeter/Volume/Surface area; Circle area+ Circumference; Distance/Time graphs; Speed/time graphs; Area+Perimeter of sectors; Circle parts; Trigonometry/3D; Sine rule; Cosine rule; Pythagoras; Gradients and areas under graphs; Ratio; Bearings.

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1. How is More than/more than or equal too drawn?

  • straight
  • thick line
  • Dotted line
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2. What is the pythagorus thereom formulae?

  • a2+b2=c2 ( can also be rearranged)
  • a2+b2=c2

3. Drawn Inequalities: less than/less than or equal too

  • coloured
  • ----------------
  • thick line
  • straight line

4. Area of a trapezuim formulae

  • Area X width
  • 1/2(a+b)h
  • 1/3h

5. Histagram: area=?

  • Area = Frquency
  • Frquency / Group width


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