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  • Mathmatics
    • Algebra
      • Km=1.6 x miles
      • Circumference=  pie x diameter
      • to simplify an expression you collect like terms
      • 4x+5x-2-2x+7= 7x+5
      • adding and subtracting is the opposite of each other
      • Multiplying and dividing is the opposite of each other
      • For example: x-6=9
        • what we do: x-6+6=9+6 x= 15
      • Solve: 3c+5=c+15
        • 1st: subtract c from both sides: 2c+5=15
          • 2nd: subtract 5 from both sides: 2c= 10. divide both sides by 2 to get c. 2c/2=5/2
            • Answer is C= 5


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