Marxism: education

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1. Marxism is said to have a narrow focus as it doesn't look at...

  • why working class are more likely to fail at school
  • gender and ethnic inequalities
  • how the hidden curriculum influences learning
  • class inequalities
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2. What is cultural capital?

  • The values, knowledge and skills of the ruling class
  • The ability to learn about other cultures
  • The values, knowledge and skills of all the classes
  • How educated you are on other cultures

3. Boudon argues...

  • that there is much greater pressure on working-class kids to succeed
  • that there is much greater pressure on middle-class kids to succeed
  • that working class students don't work hard enough
  • that upper-class kids' cultural position means that they will be much more likely to succeed

4. What does the hidden curriculum teach?

  • Secrets about the education system
  • A set of values and habits that are not explicitly taught in lessons
  • How to misbehave
  • Capitalist propoganda

5. What is rewarded at school?

  • Passive and dependent thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Aggressive thinking
  • Unique and creative thinking


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