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What does the word 'Gospel' mean?
Good news?
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For whom did Luke write his Gospel?
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Why did Luke write his Gospel?
He wanted to compile an orderly account of those who were eyewitnesses and servants of the word.
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Where did Jesus live?
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Name three religious groups in the time of Jesus.
Pharisees, Sadducees & Zealots
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Jesus was often in conflict with which religious group?
The Pharisees
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What does the word 'authority' mean?
A power to give orders to others and expect obedience
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Where did Jesus get his authority from?
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Name Jesus' home town where he preached and was rejected.
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What does the word 'salvation' mean?
Saving the soul and admission to heaven.
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Many Jews believed a ??? would come to save humanity?
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Explain the word 'Messiah'.
The person sent by God to save humanity, believed by Christians to be Jesus.
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Why was Mary 'troubled' by the angels visit?
She was not married and would face disgrace. She was also a virgin. "How can this be I am still a virgin?"
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Why is the aunnunciation important?
It shows Mary's obedience "I am the Lord's servant,' may it be as you said". Additionally the angel tells Mary she will have a son of the Most High God concieved by the Holy Spirit.
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What is the importance of the name Jesus?
It means God saves.
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How does Mary set an example for Christian's today?
Her obedience 'Lord's servant'
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Why was using the phrase 'Son of God' dangerous?
Blasphemy = Death
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Jesus was born in the 'Town of David'. Name this town.
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According to Luke chapter two, what message did the angel tell the sheperds?
They would find a baby (the Messiah) wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
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What was the name of the man in Jerusalem who had been promised that he would see the Lord's christ before he died?
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According to Luke chapter eight, who did Jesus allow into the room of Jairus' daughter?
Peter, James and John.
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According to Luke chapter eight, what did Jesus say when He restored life to Jairus' daughter?
'My child, get up'
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How did Jairus show faith in Jesus?
He was convinced ONLY Jesus could save his daughter. His faith was unquestioning.
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What is important about Miracle stories?
Faith leads to salvation.
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According to Luke chapter eight, how was a woman healed after having a flow of blood for twelve years?
She touched the edge of Jesus' cloak.
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When Jesus healed the woman with the haemorrhage what did he say to her?
'Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace'
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In the story of the sinful woman, when Jesus ate in Simon the Pharisee's house, what did the sinful woman bring to him?
A jar of fragnant oil
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What did the sinful woman do to Jesus in Luke chapter 7?
She washed his feet with her tears.
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Why were the guests shocked by Jesus' attitude towards the woman?
Jesus forgave her sins. They were shocked by his blasphemy.
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In Luke chapter seven, Jesus told a parable in which two men owed a creditor money: one man owed five hundred denarii, the other fifty. Who according to Simon would love the creditor more?
The man who the creditor forgave more.
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What does this parable teach about God;'s forgivness?
God offers forgivness to all but nobody just deserves to go to heaven.
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What is the kingdom of God?
It is the rule of God. Jesus taught about the kingdom of God both on earth and in heaven.
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Name four title for Jesus.
Son of God, Messiah, Lord and Son of Man
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Jesus describes himself as the son of man. What did this mean?
He used it to emphasise his authority and maybe to avoid being accused of blasphemy.
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Which man prepared the way for Jesus?
John the baptist.
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How does the baptism indicate the beginning of Jesus' ministry?
It tells of how Jesus has been given the full authority of God. The voice from heaven "you are my Son".
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What purpose does baptism have today?
Washes away sin, sign of belonging & Christian faith
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According to Luke chapter four, how long was Jesus tempted by the devil in the wilderness?
Forty days.
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Jesus is tempted by the devil how many times?
Three times: Bread, authority and death
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In the story of the healing of the paralysed man Jesus shows his authority to forgive sins. What did he do?
He said 'Friend your sins are forgiven -- Get up and walk'. Faith = healing
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How did the people react?
They were amazed and gave praise to God.
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Why is Peter's declaration of Jesus important?
Peter declared Jesus to be the Anointed One, the Christ of God, and this means he recognised Jesus' authority.
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During the Transfiguration Jesus is seen with which two people?
Elijah and Moses.
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How does the transfiguration emphasise the authority of Jesus?
Voice from heaven - "This is my Son - listen to him". Jesus seen with other grear prophets.
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Women have a full part to play in the church and in the society, how does Jesus suggest this in the story of Mary and Martha?
He invited women to listen to his teachings
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Why is the Last Supper important?
Jesus predicts his death and resurrection
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Explain the meaning of the bread and wine.
Jesus knew he faced suffering and death. He was given his life to redeem sin. The new covenant.
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How does the incident on the Mount of Olives show Jesus to be a man of prayer?
Jesus asked for the 'cup' to be taken away from him. But he prayed to overcome this fear.
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How would this passage inspire Christian's today?
Prayer - supports Christians in time of difficulty.
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How did Judas identify Jesus?
With a kiss.
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What did the Jewish council accuse Jesus of?
Blasphemy - Jesus was claiming to be the Son of God.
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What charges did Jesus face before Pontius Pilate?
Encouraging revolt and treason - king of Jews
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Who was responsible for Jesus being crucified?
A number of people were responsibole for Jesus' death - Jesus, Pilate, Judas, Herod, The Jewish Council and the crowd who wanted him dead
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What do Christians believe about the crucifixion?
Christians believe that Jesus died once for all people. The death of Jesus makes him the redeemer (go-between) between God and Man.
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Even on the cross Jesus willing to forgive what did he say?
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing
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How do the criminals react to Jesus?
Criminal 1 - Are you the Christ, save yourself. Criminal 2 - This man has done nothing wrong - today I will see you in paradise.
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As the curtain split in two what did Jesus call out?
'Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit'
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What do Christians believe about the cruxifixion and resurrection?
Christian's believe they were part of God's plan. Christian's believe Jesus really died and that his death enabled people to get close to God.
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Who were the first to discover the empty tomb?
The women.
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Why is the ressurection important for Christians?
It is central for Christian's faith -- Jesus died to redeem us and to overcome sin. It is a promise of life after death. It also provides strength - we can change the world. It also inspires hope- challenge the evil of society ie bring hope to others
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Universalism is a central theme in Luke's Gospel. What does it mean?
It refers to Jesus' acceptance of everyone, including those despised and looked down on by most people. Jesus the Messiah for all people.
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What groups did Jesus show a special interest in and why?
Tax collectors, Samaritans, Gentiles and women/children - they were considered as outcasts/outsiders in Jewish society. Jesus saw everyone as equal.
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In the parable of 'The Centurions Servant' Jesus was amazed by the faith of the centurion. But why?
He recognised Jesus' authority & because the centurion was very humble. He felt ashamed to meet Jesus because he considered himself unworthy. He expected Jesus to reject him as he was a Roman (Gentile)
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There are three miracles in the Gospel that involves Jesus raising someone from the dead. Can you name them?
The son of the widow of Nain, Jairus' daughter and Lazarus
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In the story of the widow of Nain Jesus helps and comforts a widow. He told her to stop crying and he touched her, which would have made him unclean. What is important about this story?
Jesus demonstrated his power without being asked. He also saw the need of a woman who was a Gentile.
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Why did Jesus tell parables?
Jesus used very simple stories from everyday life to teach themes about the Kingdom of God. Jesus used to them to get his hearers to think about his message.
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Give three things that happen in the parable of the Good Samaritan.
How do I inherit eternal life-Beaten man- Left for dead- Two men pass by(priest and Levite)-Samaritan comes to rescue- he shows love and kindness even though he is discriminated by the Jews. Agape love.
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What does the parable of the Good Samaritan teach Christian's today?
The parable is a challenge to racist attitudes - it teaches that people should accept everyone as equal - it also teaches you to love your neighbour, whoever they are.
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Give three things that happen in the parable of the lost son.
Young son takes inheritence-wastes it all-finds himself alone&sad- decides to return home-expects to become slave in own home since rejected his family-father praises return of son-celebrate-olderson dislikes-Father(rejoice if sinful person returns)
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What could Christians learn about the nature of God from the story of the Lost son?
It shows that God offers unconditional love and forgivness. It also shows that if someone has done wrong they are welcome into the kingdom of God if they are sorry (repent and ask for forgivness)
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Why could Zacchaeus the tax collector and not see Jesus?
He wa short and there was a big crowd.
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What did Zacchaeus do and what did Jesus say to Zacchaeus when he saw him?
He climbed a tree to see Jesus. Jesus told him to get down and let him stay in his house. Jesus was clearly determinded to set an example to the crowd about justice- treating people right regardless of who they are!
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How did Zacchaeus demonstrate that he had repented and intended to change?
Although the crowd were unhappy with Jesus Zacchaeus responded to Jesus by saying he was going to give half his money to the poor, and that he would repay anyone he cheated.
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Peter was one of the first disciples of Jesus. What does the term 'disciple' mean?
Follower of Jesus or it is a term often to refer to the first twelve followers of Jesus.
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There are many stories about the twelve disciples in Luke's Gospel. Explain how these stories might help Christians to live their lives wise today.
Jesus called the disciples - they responded instantly and willingly. Christians today are asked to respond to Jesus and to follow his teachings.
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Why do you think Judas handed over Jesus to the authorities?
For money - Maybe Judas didn't think Jesus was the Messiah
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Peter was Jesus' most loyal disciple. What did Peter promise Jesus he would do?
He promised that he would not fail him or turn his back on him (deny knowing him)
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Is Peter a good role model?
In Luke's Gospel Peter did make mistakes. But we all do. Peter was there for Jesus at very important times and he was also very loyal and faithful.
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Give an account of the Parable of the Rich man and Lazarus.
Lazarus lies at the gate of a rich man-he is suffering and dogs lick wounds-he dies&goes to Abraham(heaven)-rich man dies&goes2hell- rich man prays to go to heaven- told he should have done better with his wealth-asks to tell his family- told no
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Explain how the teachings of Jesus might influence Christian's attitudes to wealth and possessions.
Christians today are challenged to adress the problem of poverty. Christians do not want the poor to be invisible and ignored. We have a responsibility to help the poor.
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What is prayer?
A prayer is a way in which humans fell they are communicating with God.
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A man asks Jesus what he must do to recieve eternal life. Apart from the commandments what did Jesus say he had to do.
Give all his money to the poor.
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What can Christians learn about prayer and discipleship from the parable of the persistent neighbour?
Jesus is saying that people must be persistent in prayer, and that God will answer prayer just as the friend answered his neighbour.
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Jesus taught his disciples the Lord's prayer. Why might Christians use this prayer in their daily life?
To express faith - to offer worship- they are asking God for things they need - they face trouble - to ask for forgivness
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'Jesus expected too much of his disciples. Christians today can not possibly make such sacrifices' Give arguments for and against.
Discipleship is a way of life-Yes it is difficult but there are many rewardsi.e. faith in christ - living a good life- heaven- being the good samaritan- sense of duty and responsibility- Jesus knew that it was a difficult task.
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Why does Jesus say that in the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector that the tax collector is in the right.
Because he is humble and therefore he will got to heaven.
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What did the Pharisee say about himself?
I am great, I fast, I pray and I am not like robbers and evildoers (not exact quote just note version)
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Explain how the teachings of Jesus might influence Christians attitudes to wealth and possessions.
Jesus did not encourage everyone to become poor by giving up all their wealth but he did say that it was important for people who had wealth to do something good with it.
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'It is impossible for ordinary people to do what Jesus said, so there is no point in trying' Give arguments.
Following Jesus is a challenge. But the rewards are eternal - a life knowing that you have done good and led a good life. Jesus challenged ordinary people in order for them to make a difference i.e. Martin Luther King
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