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RS ­ Luke's Gospel - Answers
1. Almost all we know about Luke comes from the New Testament:
He was a doctor
He was a gentile (non-Jew)
He accompanied St. Paul on some of his missionary journeys
He was the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of…

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Jesus is presented in the Temple

1. Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem for the ceremony of purification, which completes the
purification of the mother after childbirth. Additionally, the Law of Moses also commands that the firstborn male is to
be dedicated to the Lord. The…

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1. Jesus told these parables to explain why he was associating with the outcasts as he was being judged by the people
he associated with.
2. Jesus meant that whenever a sinner repents there is more rejoicing in heaven than for respectable people who do not
need to repent

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I have just bought a field and must go and look at it ­
Most likely, the man had seen it before buying it, but he was more concerned about his investment than in an
invitation to supper. He represents those whose possessions require all their attention. He allows his…

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2. The symbols used to describe the Holy Spirit are:
Violent Wind
Tongues of fire
3. They began to speak in tongues. They went out and addressed a crowd of Jews from every nation and they spread
the Good News in their own languages.
4. Repent and be baptized in…


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