Limestone and building materials

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1. Why is concrete an important building material?

  • Due to it being a good conductor of heat
  • Due to it's strength
  • Due to it being inexpensive
  • Due to it being renewable
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2. How is concrete made?

  • When cement is mixed with aggregate and mortar
  • When cement is mixed with sand and mortar
  • When cement is mixed with sand and aggregate
  • When cement is mixed with sand and calcuim carbonate

3. What does calcium oxide react with to produce calcium hydroxide?

  • Water
  • Calcuim carbonate
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide

4. What is limestone made from?

  • Calcuim hydroxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Calcuim carbonate
  • Calcuim oxide

5. What does thermal decomposition mean?

  • The difference between two compounds
  • The death using heat
  • The breakdown using heat
  • Heating a substance up


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