Advantages and Disadvantages of using limestone & building materials made from limstone

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Advantages and Disadvantages of using limestone & building materials made from limstone


  • Concrete is easily formed into shape before it sets. It is strong when squashed.
  • Glass can be toughed and used for windows.
  • Limestone is very valuable natural resource.
  • Quarrying limestone create jobs, which boost the local economy.


  • Limestone, cement and mortar slowly react acid rain and wear away, this damages walls made from limestone and it leaves gaps between bricks.
  • Concrete is weak when bent or stretched. However concrete can be made stronger by reinforcing it with steel.
  • Some people think concrete building and bridges are unattractive.
  • Glass is brittle and easily shattered.
  • Quarrying creates noise and traffic.
  • Limestone quarries can be seen from long distances.


Limestone is a valuable building material, used to make useful building materials, however limestone reacts with acid rain and wears away over time, meaning buildings will have to be well maintained.


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