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2. What is sectioning?

  • Distorting a setion of the specimens struture
  • Coating a section of the specimens structure
  • Embedding specimens in wax
  • Embedding specimens in a liquid

3. What is the maximum magnification of an eletcron microscope

  • x10000
  • x500000
  • x50000
  • x100000

4. Why do we stain specimens?

  • They make the specimens look bigger
  • Stains allow us to locate specimens
  • Staining allows us to see different parts of the specimen
  • They colour specimens making them look better for presentation

5. What is the definition of magnification?

  • The amount that an image is enlarged
  • The degree to which an image is changed
  • The size of an image
  • The act of enlarging an image


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