Law and order

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1. What famously did Belle Starr do?

  • First woman to be charged with bank robberies
  • First woman to be charged with horse theft
  • First woman to be charged with cattle rustling
  • First woman to be charged with murder
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2. Why were bank robberies common?

  • Claim-jumpers couldn't find gold
  • Men gained honour with their peers
  • Men had no job after the war
  • People had no money to survive

3. What did railroad companies eventually attach to trains to stop robberies?

  • Carriages full of guards
  • Carriages full of dead bodies
  • Carriages full of fake gold
  • Empty carriages

4. What was claim-jumping?

  • Taking land from homesteaders
  • Jumping on other peoples horses
  • Stealing gold mines for other miners
  • Stealing houses

5. Which racial group was attacked most frequently?

  • Chinese
  • Indians
  • Mexicans
  • Blacks


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