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2. Why were bank robberies common?

  • Men gained honour with their peers
  • Men had no job after the war
  • Claim-jumpers couldn't find gold
  • People had no money to survive

3. How did vigilante committees generally inflict punishment?

  • Torture
  • Hanging
  • Lynching
  • Shoot outs

4. Which gangster famously formed gangs to rob stagecoaches, trains and banks?

  • Jesse James
  • William Tilghman
  • Billy the Kid
  • Henry McCarty

5. How did the tension between homesteaders and cattlemen start before the Johnson Count War?

  • The Northern Stock Growers Association was set up
  • Homesteaders fenced off cattlemens land
  • Ella Watson was found with rustled cattle
  • Suspected cattle rustling


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