Language Analysis Key Terms

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1. What's an Allegory?

  • A poem/picture that reveals a hidden meaning
  • A poem/picture that reveals love
  • A poem/picture that interprets one thing as another
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2. What is meant by Farce?

  • A genre of a comedic nature
  • A genre of a comic nature through crude or slapstick humour
  • A genre of a sad nature

3. What is Ambiguity?

  • Something with more than one meaning, leaves room for questioning
  • A person who create mystery

4. What is Blank Verse?

  • Verse without rhyme
  • Verse without rhythem
  • Verse that uses no iambic pentameter

5. What is syntax?

  • An ill phrased sentence
  • The arrangement of words in a sentence or phrase
  • A well phrased sentence


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