Khrushchev and De-Stalinisation Revision

In what ways was Khrushchev reversing the stalinist policies before the secret speech?
Those accused of the doctors plot had been release. Beria, the police & the gulag system had been attacked. The cultrual ‘thaw’ had begun
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When was the Secret Speech?
25th February 1956
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Who did Khrushchev give the speech to?
The 20th Congress of the Communist Party
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What was the speech actually called?
“On the cult of Personality and its Consequences”
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What were the most important points of the Secret Speech?
Attacked Stalin for the Cult of personality. Read out Lenin’s testament emphasising the parts criticising Stalin. Focused on Stalin’s attack of party members e.g. the delegates of the 1934 congress. Suggested Stalin was complicit Kirov's murder
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What didn’t Khrushchev mention in the speech?
Ignores suffering of non-party members before the war e.g. the repression of the Kulaks, ethnic cleansing of border regions, the NKVD order 00447 ordering mass executions of former kulaks & criminals. No criticism of Stalin before 1934.
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What did some people see De-Stalinisation as?
A new era of tolerance and freedom
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How many prisoners were released from camps in 1960?
2 million
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Other than the Virgin Lands campaign what measure did Khrushchev take to change the poor agricultural situation in Russia?
Raised procurement prices. Cut taxes. Costs to the collective farms for transport & hire of equipment were cut. Investment into the needs of agricuture e.g. chemical fertilisers
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When did the virgin lands campaign start?
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Where was the virgin lands campaign based?
Fallow land in Kazakhstan, the Urals & Siberia
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How many kosomol volunteers were mobalised?
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How many acres were cultivated in 1956?
35.9 million
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How were the virgin land campaigns run & with an empasis on what?
Like a military campaign with an emphasis on speed
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When was the largest soviet harvest?
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How much of the grain produced in the harvest of 1956 came from the new regions?
½ of the 125 million tons
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Between 1954 - 1958 by what perentage did soviet grain production increase?
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What were the failures of this scheme?
The results never reached what they had in 1956 again, Reliance on single crop cultivation took its toll on the fertility of the soil, No anti-erosion measures led to millions of tons of topsoil blowing away, poor harvest of 1963
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What humiliated the Soviet Union in 1963?
They had to import large amounts of grain from North America to avoid famine
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When was the 7 year plan?
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What were the main aims of the 7 year plan?
Rapid expansion of the chemical industry to provide mineral fertilisers for agriculture, Investment into oil & natural gas, Increase in production in consumer goods to raise standard of living, tackle housing shortages
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Who was the first man in space and when?
Yuri Gagarin 1961
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When did the soviets launch the first satellite into space?
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What were the weaknesses of this economy?
The space & misslise programme + increase military expenditure unbalnaced the economy
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When was the Secret Speech?


25th February 1956

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Who did Khrushchev give the speech to?


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What was the speech actually called?


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