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Princeps Senatus
First Senator- leader of the Senate
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In Absentia
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Censoria Potestas
Censorship power, provinces under his power
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Octavian's General, was the next heir to being Emperor
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Expencive Italian wine
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Temple of Jupiter Oplimus Maximus
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Spoke out against Octavian and Antony, killed the proscriptions
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Corona Navalis
Oak crown celebrating Naval Victories
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Cura Annonae
The care of Rome's corn supply
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Cyme Inscription
An inscription clearly showing Augustus directly interfering in a Senatorial province
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Donation of Alexander
The places where Antony put in his will to go to his children even though its Romes land
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Filial duty
The duty to avenge your fathers death
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Goddess Nike
Goddess of Victory
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IMP./ Imperatior
Good military leader, given by acclamation
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God of all Gods
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Lectio Senatus
A review of the list of Senators
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Legati Augusti Pro Praetore
Legate to Augustus with Praetorial power, under Augustus' asupis
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Eastern wine
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Pax Augusta
Peace of Augustus
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Pax Romana
Peace of Rome
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Proconsular Imperium
In place of a Consul
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Task for a Governor in a province
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Four horse drawn chariot, used in triumps
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Res Publica
Roman republic
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Prow of a ship
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You protect the people and you cant be killed
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Priesthood- 'leaping priests of Mars'
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Sextus Pompeius
Son of Pompeii, killed by Agrippa
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Tota Italica
All of Italy
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Tribunicia Potestas
The privileges but not the name of a Tribune of the people, could veto and create Laws and call the Senate
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5,000 killed, foreign war (not civil)
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Mos Maiorum
Way of the elders
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Pater Familias
Head of the family
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Praefecti Praetorio
Commander of the Praetorian Guard (9,000 men), 28 BC = 1 person, 2 BC = 2 people
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Praefectus Vigilum
Commander of the fire brigade (viliges = 7,000 slaves), night watch, AD 6
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Praefectus Annonae
Administer of the corn supply, AD 8
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Praefecti Classis
Prefects of fleets
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Procuratores Augusti
Administrative post in the civil service, admin of the Empire, financial, report back on Governors
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Praefectus Fabricum
Prefect of Enginering
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Praefectus Cohortis
Commander of an auxiliary infantry cohort, 480 men = 1/10 of a legion
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Praefectus Alae
Auxiliary cavalry squadron
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Tribunus Militum
Staff officer in a legion, military tribune, six per legion
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officer of 80 men, first step to being an equestrian, 400,000 HS, gold ring
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A religious boundary around Rome
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Corona Civica
Civic crown, garland of oak leaves, given by the Senate to someone who has saved the lives of Romans in battle
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Clupeus Virtutis
Shield of bravery, given by the Senate to Augustus
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Pater Patriae
Father of the Country
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A crime in trying to overthrow/ kill the person in charge of the country
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The diminution (reduction) of the majesty of the Roman people
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Praefectus Egypti
Prefect of Egypt, 400,000 HS per year
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Aerarium Militare
Military treasury
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In Absentia

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Censorship power, provinces under his power


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Octavian's General, was the next heir to being Emperor


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Expencive Italian wine


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