The Chalcis Decree (446)

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  • The Chalcis Decree (446)
    • In 447-446 the island of Euboea revolted against Athens at the same time as Megara destroyed her Athenian garrison.
      • The loss of Megara was disastrous, but Pericles subdued the whole island of Euboea and soon after issued a Decree relating to the Euboean city of Chalcis.
        • The citizens of Chalcis were required to swear an oath:
          • 1) 'I will not revolt against the Athenian people by any art or device, either in word or in deed'.
          • 2) 'I will pay the tribute to the Athenians'.
          • 3) 'I will aid and succour the Athenian people if anyone wrongs the Athenian people'.
          • 4) I will be obedient to the Athenian people'.
          • "All adult males are to swear the oaths, and anyone who does not swear it is to lose his citizen rights and have his property confiscated and a tithe of it consecrated to Olympian Zeus".
    • Anticles proposed this motion:
      • "The aliens at Chalcis pay taxes to Athens"
      • "In Athens, the Secretary of the Council is to record this Decree and the oath on a stone stele and set it up on the Acropolis at the expense of the Chalcidians."
        • "In Chalcis, the Council of the Chalcidians is to record and set them up in the temple of Olympian Zeus."


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