Jewish Weddings

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1. What do modern Ketubahs now include?

  • A promise of loving their partner till death do them part.
  • Nothing, Jews believe that old traditions are what were written by the prophets.
  • The promise that they will both make to each other.
  • The signature lines
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2. Why does the groom crush a glass under foot?

  • To symbolise the bride and groom are now tied to each other in love and prosperity.
  • To symbolise the ridding of bad spirits ( pun unintended )
  • To symbolise the tough things to pass as well as the good things.
  • To complete the ceremony

3. What does MAZEL TOV mean?

  • HAppY DaYs
  • Congrats
  • YAY
  • Well done

4. What do the couple drink from?

  • ApPleE jUiCe
  • A blessed glass of wine
  • A blessed fountain
  • A blessed glass of holy water

5. What is the Ketubah

  • A marriage document declaring their intentions of looking after their partner.
  • A special Canopy symbolising the home they will share.
  • A glass which is broken underfoot to symbolise tough things are to pass.
  • A ring placed on the forefinger of the right hand.


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