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  • ashkenazi Jews are in central/ eastern Europe and thier beliefs orginate from that area
  • these countries are mainly christian ones, this means thier custions and surroundings differ from the other Jewish religions
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Bet Din

  • is a rabbinical court consisting of three judges (dayasim) who have to be Rabbis
  • they deal with questiong and issues that remain unclear
  • (such as: divorce and wills)
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  • the israeli parliment
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Magen David

  • is the star of David
  • this is commonly used as the symbol for judaism
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  • this means commandments/ rules which jews are expected to follow
  • there are 613 mizvot
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  • "rabbi" means "my master"
  • they are the leader of synagogue
  • their job consists of: leaing prayer, conductiong weddings and funerals, visiting the sick
  • to be a rabbi you hava to under go practical training
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  • religious leader of the hasidim jews
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  • sephardic jews are in spain, portugal and North Africa, which are mainly muslim countries
  • their beliefs originate from the area they came from
  • they have different ways of pronouncing hebrew from ashkenazi jews
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  • the preferred hebrew word given to the holocaust
  • when literally translated it means big wind
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  • jewish community of Israel
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  • the movement to establish and support a Jewish state of Israel
  • it is aimed to get Jewish promised land, as promised in the covenants with Abraham and Moses
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