Is working memory training effective?

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1. What is neuroplasticity?

  • The brains maximum number of neural pathways that can be created in a lifetime
  • How well synapses transmit neural information
  • The brains potential to create and reorganise neural pathways to adapt to suit its needs
  • The relative size and density of each brain structure
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2. What did research by Holmes, Gathercole & Dunning (2009) show about the effectiveness of adaptive training on WM?

  • Showed a higher standard score increase in visuo spatial WM compared to verbal WM
  • Showed significant improvements to a variety of WM areas including Verbal&Visuospatial WM
  • Showed a negative effect on WM compared to controls across all areas
  • Showed no improvement in WM area scores compared to controls across all areas.

3. What was the main conclusion reached from research by Melby-Lervag and Hulme (2013)?

  • WM improvement programmes produced short term improvements in WM skills, but limited and not generalisable evidence for this training to all WM areas
  • WM improvement prorammes enhanced cognitive functioning in adulthood if carried out before age 7yrs.
  • WM improvement programmes produced both short and long term improvements, and are clinically approved
  • WM improvement programmes did not produce short or long term improvements, and are not clinically approved

4. Which of these is a characteristic of poor WM in children?

  • Low academic attainment at age 6yrs
  • Sustained attention spans
  • Organisational and planning problems
  • Working well in group tasks but poorly independently

5. What did a neural correlate study of WM training by Olesen et al (2004) show?

  • WM training increased activity in frontal and occipital structures, but decreased in parietal
  • After training, there were decreases in frontal and parietal activity
  • After training, there were increases in frontal and parietal activity
  • WM training had no effect on neural activity


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