Intro to oceans - Hilary online test compilation A

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1. What is the main dissolved constituent that is used to breakdown organic matter during bacterial respiration?

  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Phosphate
  • Nitrate
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2. If the nitrate concentration increases from 6uM at 500m depth to 17uM at 1,000m depth, by how much, and in what way, would you predict the phosphate concentration to change over the same depth interval? Assume that the Redfield ratio is 106:16:1

  • Increase by 0.69
  • Increase by 1.45
  • Decrease by 0.69
  • Decrease by 1.45

3. Which of the following statements about iron fertilisation IS NOT TRUE?

  • Sequestration of anthropogenic CO2 by deliberate fertilisation of the ocean can only work if the organic carbon so produced can be exported to the deep sea.
  • Bottles filled with surface water from HNLC regions and incubated at the same light and temperature as found in these surface waters, had lower amounts of chlorophyll in when iron had been added.
  • Open ocean iron enrichment experiments unequivocally demonstrated that phytoplankton growth is limited by iron in HNLC areas
  • Iron fertilisation of the ocean is a hot topic because stimulation of biological activity leads to drawdown of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

4. Which one of these has NOT been shown to exhibit HNLC behaviour

  • North Pacific
  • North East equatorial Atlantic
  • Antarctica
  • North west Atlantic

5. Which one of these does NOT display bio-limiting behaviour

  • Phosphate
  • Nitrate
  • Dissolved inorganic Carbon
  • Silicate


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