Tree of Life

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Tree of life 1

±Catastrophism= suggests many floods.

±Jumps in fossil records suggest mass extinction. ±Natural select= org prod more than can surv and reprod/ surviving- better adapted. ±4.6 billion yrsà solar system formed.

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Tree of life 2

±Volcanos threw out h2o/H in bands/O had nucreac in stars/together in cold space= h2o to ice/arriving in comets.

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Tree of life (planet)

±Pluto stripped status à orbit overlaps with Neptune. ±Planet must orbit round sun/large enough=nearly round/cleared orbit.

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Tree of life extremo

±Yellowstone basin=hot springs (extremo). ±Bac mats in hot springs. ±Microbes use sun to prod chem à chemotroph bac ±Ocean floors/ Brine pools= meathane ±Snotties= caves à feed on sulphur rich h2o.

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