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Locarno Treaty
1925- signed between Germany and France and was an agreement never to change the border between them
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Kellog-Briand Pact
1928- An agreement with Germany and 60 other countries not to go to war with each iother
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Dawes Plan
1924- Allowed Germany to pay reparations according to its ability and also arranged loans from the USA
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Young Plan
1929- Gave Germany 59 more years to pay reparations
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Treaty of Versailles
1919- Rules given to Germany after the end of World War 1
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Lytton Commission
1932- A report created by the League of Nations to investigate Japan's invasion of Manchuria which condemned Japan's behaviour
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Hoare-Laval Pact
1935- Britain and France proposed that Italy should get 2/3 of Abyssinia and the purpose was to keep Mussolini as an ally
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Rome-Berlin Axis
1936- An agreement between Italy and Germany to join together and in the case of war they would support each other
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Stresa Pact
1935- Informal agreement between Britain, France and Italy to not allow Hitler to take over Austria
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Munich Agreement
1938- this is where Britain, France, Italy and Nazi Germany made an agreement that Nazi Germany could take over part of Czechoslovakia in return for a promise that they wouldn't take anything else over again.
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Washington Conference
1921- USA, Britain and France reduced the size of their navies
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Rapallo Treaty
1922- Russia and Germany agree to co-operate economically and politically
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Geneva Protocol
1924- Tried to make countries to use the league to settle disputes
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Kellog-Briand Pact


1928- An agreement with Germany and 60 other countries not to go to war with each iother

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Dawes Plan


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Young Plan


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Treaty of Versailles


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