Integration, Control & Coordination

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1. Which of these isn't true about the endocrine system?

  • Action on a close target
  • Secretion into blood
  • Sense internal change
  • Respond by acting on other body systems
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2. How do clock genes switch off transcription?

  • Trigger negative feedback response
  • Cause the release of an inhibitor
  • Accumulate in suprachiasmatic nucleus neurones.
  • Stop in light

3. What is a Non-trophic hormone?

  • Has a direct effect on a target organ
  • Has an indirect effect on a target organ
  • Regulates secretion/production of another hormone in a gland
  • Regulates secretion/production of itself

4. The nervous system is .... and activates the ... system. The endocrine system is ... to respond and responds to ...

  • slow, gastric, fast, positive feedback
  • fast, endocrine, slow, positive feedback
  • fast, endocrine, slow, negative feedback
  • slow, gastric, fast, negative feedback

5. Which of these are water soluble?

  • Ones free in blood
  • Peptides
  • All of the above
  • Some amines


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