Integration, Control & Coordination

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1. Which of these isn't true about the endocrine system?

  • Respond by acting on other body systems
  • Action on a close target
  • Sense internal change
  • Secretion into blood
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2. Hormone response is proportional to the number of ... it binds to.

  • receptors
  • proteins
  • amines
  • peptides

3. Which two parts of the brain link the nervous system to maintain homeostasis?

  • The Hypothalamus and Cerebrum
  • The Cerebellum and Cerebrum
  • The Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland
  • The Cerebellum and Pituitary Gland

4. How do clock genes switch off transcription?

  • Cause the release of an inhibitor
  • Accumulate in suprachiasmatic nucleus neurones.
  • Trigger negative feedback response
  • Stop in light

5. What is an exogenous biological rhythm?

  • Generated by the external environment, requires a pacemaker
  • Generated by the internal environment, requires a pacemaker
  • Generated by the external environment
  • Generated by the internal environment


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