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Any Device that sends or recieves data from the computer can be internal or external.
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Games Console
A device that enables you to play games via a screen
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When a digital device takes on the functions of other devices.
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Small text files that are sent to your computer from certain websites.
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Viral Marketing
A marketing technique that encourages others to pass on a marketing message to their friends.
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Personilisation Techniques
Ways of making content relevant to a particular customer.
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A high tech treasure hunt. Players use a GPS
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Measure of a delay in a network
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Measure of capacity in a network.
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A copy of data, that is made incase the original data is lost or damaged.
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Predjuice towards one view and against another.
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An automated method of recognising a person based on personal features. Such as fingerprint
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Short for 'Web log' an online jornal where people can post entries about experiences and hobbies.
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Allows the exchange of data over short distnaces from fixed and mobile devices.
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A high-speed connection to the internet
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Software application for retreveing, presenting and navigating pages on the World Wide Web.
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Cloud Computing
A system in which all data is stored by a central server and accsessed virtually.
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Working togther to achieve common goals.
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The ability of a device to share information with another device
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All elements stay the same throughout.
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Gives the original producer to have certain rights for an amount of time
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Digital Product
A product created by ICT-tools can be viewed on-screen. It doesnt have to be printed out.
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Digital Rights Management
Allows the copyright holder or owner of the media control over the number of viewings , plays or copies and even which devices the media can be played or viewed.
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Disaster Recovery
The policies and procedures that a company has in place so it can carry on with normal business after a diaster
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A small piece of hardware that connects to a computer and has uses including data storage and picking up Bluetooth and 3G signals. It may be like a USB pen.
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Transfer a file
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E- Card
A digital greetings card or postcard created and sent to someone via the web
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E- Commerce
Buying and Selling goods electronically , usually over the internet
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The use of icons or text to portray mood or facial expressions
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For Security, data is translated into a secret code according to a set of rules in a special 'key'
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File Format
The particular code that a file is stored in. Different software and devices use different formats, which can cause problems if a device cannot decode the information
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A system designed to prevent unauthorised acsess to your computer when connected to a network such as the internet
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Flatfile database
A database held as a single table. It is structured with a single row for each record
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Tricking someone for personal gain to damage them.
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Someone who gains unauthorised access to a computer in order to obtain data stored on it.
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The Physical parts of a computer system
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Required for connecting devices to show high-definition video
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High Definition TV
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Hot Desking
Sharing desks or workstations between works; to save space and resources
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Identity Theft
A crime involving someone pretending to be another person to steal money or other things.
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Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A company that provides Internet access to it's customers
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Internet Protocol Address (IP)
The personal address of your computer.
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The measure of delay in a network.
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A key that explaind the patterns or colours that represent the different data series or categories in a chart.
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Software designsto cause problems for users.
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Provides information about the content of a digital device.
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Having the ability to do many different things using the same device/
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A conbination of different content types.
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To perform more than one task at the same time.
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Devices connected together to allow communication and exchange of data.
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Online Banking
account information online and carry out various financial transactions
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Open Source Software
Software that is available to download free of charge.
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Optical Media
CD, DVD, Blu-ray
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Externaldevices connected to a computer.
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A device that enables you to play games via a screen


Games Console

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When a digital device takes on the functions of other devices.


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Small text files that are sent to your computer from certain websites.


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A marketing technique that encourages others to pass on a marketing message to their friends.


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