ICT: Topic 6

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  • Topic 6: Legal, Social, Ethical and Environmental Issues when using ICT
    • Data Protection Act
      • Definition: A law designed to protect personal data stored on a computer
      • Purpose: To control the way information is handled & to give legal rights to people who have information stored about them
      • How it Works: Rules are set up that people have to follow.    An information commissioner enforces the rules.
      • People
        • Data Subject: Someone who has data stored about them somewhere out of their control
        • Data Consumer: The person or company who has information about someone
        • Information Commissioner: The person who has the power to enforce the act
    • Features that can help people with disabilities use ICT
      • ICT Systems can have features that will make it easier for people with disabilities to use
        • Screen: Touch Screen makes it easier for the user to control because do not need to grip anything e.g. mouse
          • Touch Screen also allows the user to zoom in if eyesight is poor
        • Voice Recognition: This can be used when someone cant type, when they speak a sentence it is recorded and translated into text
        • Braille Keyboards: These are often used for the blind & visually impaired. It's made up of dots which the user can touch and related to letters. This is an example of an input device
        • Voice Activation: This is a system which helps people who can't speak communicate. Thye have a device on their head which registers what they think and then it says it via a computer monitor
    • Environment
      • Issues: Many consumers tend to change their ICT equipment often meaning that the old items are wasted
        • This is a problem because many items contain toxic substances which will harm the enivronment
          • This could lead to streams and lakes becoming polluted therefore making this very dangerous especially if one of them is a water supply
      • How to safely dispose of ICT waste
        • Return it to the manufacturer
        • Take it to a professional waste disposal
        • Donate the goods
      • Key Terms
        • Disposal: to get rid of something
        • Deployment: take to a place or position of military action
        • Recycle: convert waste into reusable material


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