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A simple Quiz on Databases.

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1. Which term best describes a database?

  • An organised list of data
  • A programme where you can type data in
  • A programme where you can search for data
  • An organised set of data
  • An organised set of text
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2. Which word best describes a "Set of data associated with a single person or object"?

  • Access
  • Record
  • Key
  • Field
  • Query

3. What word best describes "The Label next to a set of boxes containing similar data"?

  • Field
  • Field Key
  • Key Field
  • Field Name
  • Data Type

4. A Primary key is .................... for each record.

  • The same
  • Unique
  • Similar

5. A Flat-file database has only one table.

  • True
  • False


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