How did the dictators Lenin and Stalin establish and secure their power in 20th century Europe? -What is Communism?


1. What was Lenin's promise?

  • Peace, land and bread
  • Hope, bread and land
  • Power, food and warmth
  • Victory, food and land
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2. Who where Lenin's secret police?

  • The Cheka
  • The NKVD
  • The Gestapo
  • The NYPD

3. What was Stalin's cult of personality?

  • A propaganda tool used by the white army against Stalin
  • A propaganda tool which was used to make him look good and like the saviour of Russia
  • A group of people against Stalin and all he stood for
  • A cult he formed to kill those who opposed his personality

4. Who fought in the Russian civil war

  • The red army and the white army
  • The communists and the capitalists
  • Lenin and Stalin
  • The axis and the allies

5. What was one message from Stalin campaigns?

  • Stalin is all powerful
  • Stalin is everywhere
  • Stalin sees you
  • Stalin knows you


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