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1. R v White created which test?

  • The 'substantial and operating cause' test for legal causation.
  • The test for medical Novus Actus Interveniens.
  • The 'but for' test for factual causation.
  • The 'reasonable foresight' test for legal causation.
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2. What is the Mens Rea for murder?

  • Intention to kill
  • Intention to kill or cause GBH with malice aforethought
  • The killing of a human being with malice aforethought
  • Intention to kill or cause GBH

3. Which of the following is an escape case?

  • DPP v Newbury Jones
  • R v Corbett
  • R v Jones
  • R v Ball

4. In the test for oblique intent, what is the second part?

  • The defendant must be aware that death or GBH was virtually certain to occur.
  • The jury must feel virtually certain that death or GBH would occur.
  • The defendant doesn't have to foresee that the victim would die.
  • The defendant doesn't have to foresee any harm at all.

5. Which Judge said the definition of murder?

  • Lord Coke
  • Lord Salmon
  • Waller LJ
  • Lord Lane CJ


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