History- Medicine through time

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1. What did the 1875 Public Health act do?

  • Nothing. It didn't exist. There was only one public health act, established in 1848.
  • Brought together a range of acts covering sewage and drains, water supply, housing and disease
  • Created the Central Board of Health
  • Set up work houses to feed young children who couldn't afford to eat.
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2. How did monasteries help?

  • They acted as a hospital and were always open for the sick
  • They were always open for prayer to help those who were ill
  • They used chants to remove evil spirits from those suffering
  • They didn't.

3. The Four Humours theory was a theory...

  • which stated that they needed to be unbalanced in order to create a healthy body
  • which stated that they needed to be balanced in order to create a healthy body
  • which stated that they needed to be eliminated in order to remain healthy
  • that stated they caused diseases

4. Medieval people mostly thought _________ made them ill

  • the Four Humours
  • miasthma
  • animals
  • church

5. What caused the Black Death?

  • Bad smells, from an overflowing privy or rotten food
  • Sewers
  • Rodents with fleas that carried bacteria
  • God being angry with his people


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