history germany 1918-1932

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1. what are two effects of hyperinflation?

  • most germans suffered and money became eatable.
  • pensioners found that there pensions became worthless and farmers were pleased when the price of food went up.
  • some people did benefit and hitler was opposed.
  • wouldn't know and wouldn't know.
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2. write down three effects of the german revolution- of 1918.

  • stab in the back theory, new government able to agree on an armistice, the new german state became known as the weimer republic.
  • hitler becomes chancellor, new government able to agree on an armistice, hyperinflation.
  • stab in the back theory, hyperinflation, new government took no longer to achieve.
  • the new german state became known as the weimer republic, german military forces cut, NSDAP was banned.

3. why did the french occupy the rhur?

  • because of bankruptcy.
  • because they felt like it.
  • because germany was no longer able to pay the allies.
  • because hitler was being a pain.

4. who was the kapp putsch led by??

  • Dr wolfgang kapp
  • Dr suess
  • Dr macfarlane
  • Hitler

5. what are two causes of hyperinflation?

  • farmers were pleased when price of food went up and hitler used his trial to get national publicity.
  • some germans did benefit and weimer government short of money.
  • weimer government was short of money after first world war and german government was unable to make its first reparations payment.
  • hitler got hyper and drunk to much beer.




this wasn't a good quiz but the answers should be harder to make the MCQ more challenging 



this was *

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