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2. Why do you need more energy at 18 than at 80?

  • 18 year olds eat more in general.
  • You need more energy to grow at 18.
  • You have more money for food at 18
  • You can't eat as much at 80

3. Why do some people put on more weight than others?

  • They have different metabolic rates
  • More money to buy more food
  • The food they eat has more fat in it
  • They do less exercise

4. What does 'malnourished' mean?

  • You don't exercise
  • That you don't have a balanced diet
  • You don't eat enough food
  • All of these

5. What do you need to be healthy?

  • The right amount of vitamins and minerals
  • A balanced diet
  • All of these!
  • Lots of exercise


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