Biology (core)

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Healthy Living

A healthy diet is key in a healthy lifestyle. 

A healthy diet contains the right amounts of nutrients and energy that the body needs to stay healthy. A balanced diet contains the right amounts of:

-Carbohydrates  -Proteins  -Fats  -Mineral ions  -Vitamins

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are used in the body to release energy and provide nutrients to build cells. 

Mineral ions and vitamins are needed in small amounts so cells can work properly.

A person who does not eat a balanced diet may become malnourished. (When listing affects of what can happen when a person does not eat a balanced diet, write 'deficiency diseases' rather than malnutrition- the exam board doesn't accept this answer.) 

What we eat affects our health, some of these effects include:

-being overweight or underweight  -deficieny diseases caused by too little…


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