Health and Clinical Psychology - Dysfunctional Behaviour

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1. Who were the participants in Ford and Widiger's study?

  • Depressed patients
  • Health practitioners
  • Patients with histrionic personality disorder
  • Patients with anti social personality disorder
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2. What is systematic desensitisation?

  • A biological method using drugs
  • A behavioural method of classical conditioning
  • A cognitive method to challenge illogical thought
  • A behavioural method using SIT

3. What did Watson and Raynor condition?

  • Phobia of rats
  • Phobia of loud noises
  • Phobia of steel bars
  • Phobia of small rooms

4. Which method did Karp and Frank use?

  • Field experiment
  • Review
  • Lab experiment
  • Observation

5. What approach does Beck adopt?

  • Social
  • Biological
  • Cognitive
  • Behaviourist


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