Health and Safety

Give 5 examples of health issues.
1) Back ache 2) Neck ache 3) Eye strain 4) RSI in wrists/fingers 5) Poor circulation in legs.
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What causes back ache?
Curved position of the body (spin) for a long period of time.
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What causes neck ache?
Inclined neck to position the head closer to the monitor/screen.
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What causes eye strain?
Screen brightness in dark rooms can damage eyesight. Also caused by sitting too close to the computer.
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What causes aching wrists/fingers?
RSI by spending long periods of time typing without rest.
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What causes poor circulation in legs?
Spending too much time sitting down without activity in the legs. Can lead to bloatness or soreness.
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How can back aches be prevented?
By correcting back posture or acquiring a specialised chair to support the back.
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How can neck aches be prevented?
Sitting with a straight back and head tilted back in neutral spine at a reasonable distance from the screen.
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How can eye strain be prevented?
Adjusting lighting in the room/atmosphere around. Again, can be prevented also by sitting further back.
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How can aching wrists/fingers be prevented?
Typing in intervals with breaks between each session.
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How can poor circulation in legs be prevented?
By getting up in frequent intervals to move the legs around and circulate blood around them - taking them out of their stationary state.
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Give 4 examples of safety issues.
1) Trip hazards 2) Electrocution 3) Fire hazards 4) Stability of equipment
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How can trip hazards be prevented?
By using cable ducts or clips to keep wires together safely, or tuck them behind desks or other furniture. The best option would be to use wireless connection when possible to remove the need for wires altogether.
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How can electrocution be prevented?
1) Do not allow food and drinks near computers. 2) Use a residual circuit breaker to prevent overload and cut power supply in the event of an accident. 3) Ensure that plugs are wired safely and wires are fully sheathed.
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How can fire hazards be prevented?
1) Check ventilation so that equipment won't overheat. 2) Ensure that there is an approved fire-extinguisher 3)Do not overload power points. 4) Reduce voltage requirements.
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How can stability of equipment be ensured?
1) Heavy equipment should be placed on strong desks or shelving units. 2) Ensure that there is enough space where the equipment is going to be placed. 3) Do not put equipment in places where it could be knocked off.
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What causes back ache?


Curved position of the body (spin) for a long period of time.

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What causes neck ache?


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What causes eye strain?


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What causes aching wrists/fingers?


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