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2. what is plant growth due to?

  • cell growth, cell division and cell exponentiation.
  • cell divison, cell elongetation and cell growth
  • cell elongation,cell division and cell differentiation
  • cell explanation, cell osmosis and cell groth

3. what is growth?

  • increase in cell differentiation and cell elognation
  • increase in height and cell division
  • increase in size or mass
  • increase in dry mass and wet mass

4. What is dry mass?

  • mass with no water in body
  • chocloate
  • mass inlcuding oxyge,energy and gluscoe that is produced
  • reosiration

5. why is cell differentiation lost at early stage?

  • when you stop growing cells divide less to produce division mass
  • when you stop growing cells divide more to repair old cells
  • when you stop growing cells divide more to produce growth cells
  • mehhhh


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