PC: When was GQ magazine launched?
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PC: What was GQ initially called?
Gentlemans quarterly
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PC: What industry is GQ aimed at?
Fashion industry
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PC: Who produced GQ?
Conde Nast
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PC: GQ is a multi-platform brand. What platform is it available on?
Print, ipad, website, iphone apps, and anual event
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PC: What is GQ circulation?
115,000 and readership of 400,000 through various platforms
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PC:What is GQ catchphrase?
"The magazine for men with an IQ"
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PC:What is the brand built around?
More traditional ideas of masculinity
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PC: What is the target market?
Serious minded, conservative, older reader compared to life style magazines such as loaded and FHM
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SCT: What word did Mark Simpson (Author+Journalist) coin in an article for the Independant newspaper?
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SCT: What was Mark Simpsons famous quote?
"I have seen the future of masculinity and it was moisturised"
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SCT: Which famous person opitomised his famous quote when it became more socially acceptable for men to openly care about their looks, clothing and skincare regime?
David Beckam
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SCT: How did mens magazine embrace Mark Simpsons famous quote?
Through content and advertising
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SCT: What is the primary role of mens magazines?
Encourage spending amongst its reader
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SCT: In 2014 what term did Mark Simpson introduce?
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SCT: What does Spornosexual mean?
Men who are extremely body focused and spend all their time at the gym and make their bodies their best accessory
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SCT: What concept is supported on the GQ covershot of Johnson's biceps and the rest of his image secondary to it?
Spornosexual concept
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SCT: What concept is supported by the choice of coverlines surrounding Johnson?
Spornosexual concept
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HPC: What history do african americans have in the motion picture industry?
They had a long and complex history
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HPC: At the start of the 20th century how did many films depict black character?
Many films depicted black characters that supported the dominant stereotype at the time, incompetent, hypersexualised or criminals
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HPC: When did the depiction of black characters change from the depiction in 20th century movies?
It wasn't until the growing momentum of the civil rights movement that there was a push against this status quo and there evidently is still a way to go
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HPC: In 2015, APRIL REIGN, the broadway black managing editor created what and why?
Created the hashtag #OscarSoWhite to bring attention to the Academy's tendency to overlook performances and achievements by non-white professionals
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HPC: By 2016 little had changed for black actors. What did the actors and actresses do?
They boycotted the 2016 Oscars branding it "Racist" and "Too white"
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PC: What was GQ initially called?


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PC: What industry is GQ aimed at?


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PC: Who produced GQ?


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PC: GQ is a multi-platform brand. What platform is it available on?


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