Geography: Restless Earth

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1. What causes a tsunami?

  • Reflection of a large amount of water
  • Disturbance of a large amount of water
  • Displacement of a large amount of water
  • Refraction of a large amount of water
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2. Name the type of plate margin where two plates are moving towards each other

  • Oceanic
  • Conservative
  • Destructive
  • Constructive

3. What causes an Earthquake?

  • Tension in Destructive plates
  • Tension in all three plates
  • Tension in Conservative plates
  • Tension in Constructive plates

4. What's the point IN the Earth called where the Earthquake starts?

  • Mercalli
  • Epic Centre
  • Focus
  • Hot Spots

5. What type of volcano is made up of layers of ash and lava?

  • Composite
  • Destructive
  • Shield
  • Dome


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