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  • Geography
    • Restless Earth
      • Collision boundaries occur when 2 plates of similar density move together and collide, causing material to rise up and form fold mountines
      • Constructive plate boundaries occur when 2 plates move apart (due to convection currents). Magma then rises, filling the gaps, and cools/ hardens. This results in volcanoes forming
    • Weather & Climate
      • Climate- The average weather conditions recorded over a period of at least 30 years
      • Convectional rain- The rainful you recieve in hotter weasther
      • Depressions normally start in the west, atlantic, and move over Britain from west to east
    • Costal zone
      • Coast- a narrow contact zone between land and sea that is constantly changing.
      • Beach- A deposit of sand or shingle at the coast, often found at the head of a bay
      • Fetch- The stretch of open water across which the wind blows
      • Erosion is destructive waves wearing away at the coast.


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