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What is the carbon cycle and why is it important?
The cycle of carbon moving through different mediums. Lithosphere,Oceanic and atmosphere
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What is a carbon store?
An area where carbon is stored, can be Lithosphere, oceanic and Atmospheric
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Define 'fluxes'
The movement of carbon from one store to another. Respiration.
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What is the largest store and why?
The largest store is the lithosphere as it contains great stores of carbon and is the largest store.
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What is sequestering?
The process of carbon sinks and stores absorbing and taking carbon from other stores.
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What geological processes act as carbon stores?
Porous rocks or land masses such as peat lands.
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What is volcanic outgassing?
Volcanic out-gassing is the process in which during a eruption, many gases and vapors are gassed into the atmosphere.
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What is the carbon cycle pumps?
The biological pump, in its simplest form, is the ocean's biologically driven sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere to deep sea water and sediment.
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How does the carbon pump act as a carbon store?
Whilst the carbon is moving through the cycles it is stored through the closed system.
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How does the biological carbon pump sequence carbon?
The upper process of the carbon pump include organisms which sequence carbon into living matter.
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Why is the therohailne circulation process important?
Carbon is better stored in cold deep ocean water as and this process moves the carbon through these ocean regions.
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What the consequences of damage to the therohaline circulation?
Damage would result in changing oceanic processes which in turn will need to more fluxes to the atmosphere and the retreat of the polar ice caps.
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How can the carbon fluxes vary?
They can flux annually due to changing seasons and temperatures, different processes and from human interactions.
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Why does terrestrial sequestration have the shortest scale?
These include the processes of photosythesis and due to the scale of the sink and the speed which plants can sequence carbon dioxide result to these shorter scale.
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Name 3 factors that affect the capacity of soil when storing organic carbon.
Soil type. Input through animals and plants. Loss through decompose, erosion and terrestrial sequence.
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How does the greenhouse effect act as a natural temperature control system?
The greenhouse effect reflects heat and solar energy back to the earths surface.
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What is the link between between global temperature 1960 and precipitation through 1990?
Varying changes had little relations but the overall changes were effected by the temperatures which show the major rainfall alteration measurements from the years.
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What is albedo and an albedo flip?
The Earth's reflectively and a flip is the change in sea level and polar ice caps.
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Explain how human activity is affecting the carbon cycle?
Mining. Deforestation. Industry.
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What is energy security and insecurity?
Energy security defines how much security a country or area has when it comes to energy and production. A country which relies on a country or other singular process may be defined as insecure.
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How is GAZPPROM on the energy influence?
It is a major supplier of gas and energy from Russian which gives them large amounts of power over Europe and other dependencies.
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What factors effect energy security?
Environment. Location. Politics. Production methods and their efficiency.
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What is the current UK energy mix?
Coal. Petroleum. Gas from fracking. Bio-energy. Nuclear. Electricity,
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What is OPEC and what is their role?
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a group consisting of 12 of the world's major oil-exporting nations. Coordinate the petroleum policies of its members, and to provide member states with technical and economic aid.
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Name other suppliers involved in energy security?
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What is an energy pathway?
A significant disruption to supply due to natural, economic or political event (war, earthquake ) Transit state. A country through which an energy pathway passes
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What the options for the UKs energy mix?
Nuclear. Wind. Fracking.
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What are the impacts on the amazon of the enhanced greenhouse effect?
The enhanced effect has lead to higher photosynthesis rates and changes of leaf and fauna.
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What is the Kuznets curve?
a Kuznets curve graphs the hypothesis that as an economy develops, market forces first increase and then decrease economic inequality.
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Give examples of mitigation strategies to combat climate change?
The term mitigation refers to efforts to cut or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases - limiting the magnitude of future warming. It includes greener and more renewable sources
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Give examples of Adaptation strategies to combat climate change?
Adaptation involves developing ways to protect people and places by reducing their vulnerability to climate impacts. For example, to protect against sea level rise and increased flooding, communities might build seawalls.
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What is a carbon store?


An area where carbon is stored, can be Lithosphere, oceanic and Atmospheric

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Define 'fluxes'


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What is the largest store and why?


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