physical factors
physical factors
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what are the physical factors which affect where people live
climate, relief, soil, reseources
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people like to live where the climate is confortable not to warm or to cold
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it is easy to live where there is a flat land wich is easier to build houses, roads ect
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areas with good soils can produce a lot of food areas with poor soil cannot pople like to live where fame can provide
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where the enviroment provides useful resourses eg coal, wood
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human factors
human factors
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what are the human factors
economic activies
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economic anctivies
people need jobs areas with a lot of industry and buissness atract people cites around the wol tent to have far more people than the countryside
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whats the definition of population census
to find out how many people are living in an area the goverment carries out a count and it is ussualy done every year
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why is population important
it lets the goverment find out how many people live in each area it also allows the goverment to find out how many people live will spend on family, creids, unemplyment ect
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what are the problem about carrying out a census
they can get out of date easily they are time consuming not always 100% accurate some people might not fill it in
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developing countries
there is a lack of access to birth control, more children need to work on the farms and get jobs
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developed countires
there is more access to birth control and protection, infant morality are low
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effect of rapidly growing population
more food, land, education, employing
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effect of slow growing population
less dependent children to care for so it saces the goverment money, fewer adults in the future to produce the countrys wealth, less workers in industries
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what is push
poeple going to new destionations
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what is pull
people going to a new area
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name some push factors
less farm food, low wages, poor health care, natural disaters
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name some pull factors
job oppertunitys, better health care, better educations, higher wages
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what are the physical factors which affect where people live


climate, relief, soil, reseources

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