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Supervolcanoes are on a much bigger scale than volcanoes. They give out at least 1000 km3 of material where as Mt St Helens only gave out 1 km3.

Supervolcanoes do not look like volcanoes with their cones. instead, they are large depressions called CALDERAS, often marked by a rim of higher land around the edges

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Globalisation is the incraesed interpendance and interrelationships that reslut from from greater connectivity between different countries.

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Transational Corporations operate around the world. However, their origibs are usually in one country where they probably have theoriu headquarters. increasingly, the actual factories that produce the goods are in countries where wagers are lower. Their research and development is probably still in the country of origin.


  • When additional income that people have encourages and benefits local buisnesses it creates a miltiple effect.


  • Leakage
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Manufacturing is the owrd for making things in factories

Industralisation is the process of development of factories

De-industrialisation is a process of decline in certain types of manufaturing industry which continued over a long period of time. It results in fewer people being employed in this sector and failing production.

Government Legislation

This can take many forms such as:

  • setting up areas where conditions are favourable
  • providing advanced factories of various sizes
  • offering retraining and removal expenses
  • ensuring educational reform is high on the list in areas such as the four asian 'tigers'
  • adding taxes to home- produced goods so that exports are targeted
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Reasons for China's rapid growth

  • Government Legislation. the one-child policy, which was introduced in 1979, meant that the population was lesser than it would be.
  • Home Market. China has 500 milliion urban population
  • Olympics Factor. The 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing and this showcased the nation.
  • Three Gorges Dam. It is the biggest in the world. It generates 22,500 W
  • Cheap Labour. Wages are 95% lower than in the USA
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